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What's wrong with Extensions?


As a natural navigating the world, you often get mixed messages about what is "acceptable" hair care procedure. As if there's a manual someone has already decided for your future , your path, your destiny and to deviate from it means-weave.

Then you suddenly descend in to the depths of the Abyss filled with all things altered (nail, hair, body). Is it really that serious? Is there really a tribunal of natural hair goddesses weighing in on your hair choices, to either convict or set you free? Well then free us all!

I think we can all agree that too much of anything might be a bad thing-too much sleep leaves you lazy or groggy, too much coffee leaves you WIRED (not in my case hehe), too much sweets causes cavities etc. So lets uncover why there is a serious hang up about hair extensions.

On the surface it may appear that everyone wants long luxurious hair flowing down their backs while stunting on Instagram taking mad selfies, which maybe the case, but there are a few who just want change! There are a few who want to give their hands a break and protect their hair. Us naturals want to rest our hands from all the finger detangling and free ourselves from raisin fingers - so let us be! Hair extensions are by no means a reflection of an unenlightened woman but rather an expression of freedom and creativity. what's to be said for the other percentage of us who wear it due to medical conditions like Alopecia Areata, Hypothyroidism, Telogen Effluvim (to name a few).

While it is true that hair extensions can damage your hair it more speaks to an issue of care and proper installation than anything else. It can be used as a tool to give women relief and confidence. Hair extensions is a short term solution for a long term gain so lets not demonize those who wear it. Lets start educating woman on how to properly care for the hair they have, the hair they buy and everything in between. Things are not always what they seem.

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